song for the teacher

Blues for Dr R. J. Mekoa

Movement 1:

elements of sound

elements of air

airborne sounds circumnavigating the firmament

seeking for hearts to inhabit

we are all echoes of the wind

some hit the trees and fall beneath the leaves

and others caress the bark like a long lost lover


Movement 2:

how long has the wind seeker been gone

some men seek after the wind

while  some find the golden threads

woven by birds of paradise in the air.

“how can you tell the difference

between a seeker and a loiterer?”

the Dr considers the answer

flips through the sheets of music and raises his trumpet

blows just one note

“each one teach one.”

the teacher tells the students

who were told to play the sound of their favorite bird

yet only a handful could remember what a bird sounded like

the teacher had to appeal to the imagination

compel the learners to bend time and evoke space

lend themselves to the music of the past

as well as their vision of the future

this way the teacher becomes the learner

and the learner becomes the conduit


Movement 3:

hum a dirge like Gerenique

blow a fugue like the many thousands gone

strike up the band

let the molten lav flow

our peoples best sermons

have been made on the trumpet

healing our wounds appeasing our wrathful ancestors

Ntate Mekoa we have been blessed by your colossal presence




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