Racism Must Fall Away

Ignorance Is Not Bliss
Racism like all other kinds of prejudice and misguided judgement, must not be allowed to flourish. The world needs more bridges and shared experience, instead of walls and various other barriers to love and social harmony.
Humanity must really reevaluate its priorities, if we are to survive intact and worthy of our children and generations to come, we must certainly do better than we are as adults of this generation. Hate is not only a misguided and disharmonious force, it drives us further apart when we are so much more when we are interconnected through natural nontoxic ties. Most hate comes from Ignorance, that is what we say Ignorance Must Fall Away.

“This is the first time that I have seen such a negative comment on any of my many Facebook posts. Someone going by the name of Antonio Cervantes had this to say in response to this photo I took of my Pakistani partner Aazzra Kayani and our children Shakur and Salifah: “i hate mix stupid nasty that is why i hate pakistani females to me they are mixed with blacks”. Interesting!”

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