a poetic licence to dream

Green Ankh Works


There is music

time flees but now and then we are in it

caught in a loop

forgotten dreams remembered

as vivid as the days light

this incense opening up the waves of once hidden sounds

senses made common through harmonic vibration

fear neglected and consequence shunned

for the love

of music

although I often feel

saddened by the thought that my deaf brother cannot hear what I hear

wondering how my poetic odes to sound may go over his head

since I have not managed to elevate Word to Sound degree

knowing that we can if we tried hard enough of if he took the steps towards me that I take towards this longing for him to hear

But were we all born to get it

what of fate, science and karma

questions of science, signs and progress?

what about forgetting

is it akin to deafness?

I dream…

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