Whither Sacred Afrika?

Green Ankh Works

We seek a way of being which is Afrika centred and in tune with Nature. But the world we inhabit seems to draw us further away from such elements. The education that we and our offspring receive from mainstream society does not elevate or promote Afrikan knowledge, history or even visions of ourselves into the future. This we have to seek, create and maintain for ourselves. Green Ankh Works is just one thread in a network of Afrikological connectivity. We strive to make Ubuntu and Afrikan Science fact, history and imagined tomorrows attractive and useful to present and future Afrikans. We also seek to heal the relationship between Black women and men.

According to the Dogon people of Mali, all the relatives on the father’s side are Amma (God) and all the relatives on the mother’s side are Nommo ( the Universe in all its dualities and complex…

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