Slaying Sacred Cows For Trans-formative Feasts

Green Ankh Works

This morning, about 3.30 am after changing baby’s nappies, I just could not sleep, so I put on my earphones to listen to some Jazz I’d downloaded from You Tube. Since I am learning to play the trumpet, I selected a recording titled, The Blue Notes, a song called Schoolboy, recorded live at Rondebosch Town Hall, Cape Town, circa June 1964. A band of South Africa’s heavyweights of the genre known as jazz was in full-swing. Dudu Pukwana ( the composer of the tune) on alto-saxophone, Chris McGregor on the piano; Nick Moyake on the tenor saxophone; Louis Moholo on the drums and Johnny Dyani on bass; but being a trumpet student, it was Mongezi Feza’s long solo that really mesmerised me. I fell asleep later to Sun Ra and his Arkestra’s organ heavy I Pharaoh.

The reason I begin with a personal story of music is because among the…

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