Art As Survival

Green Ankh Works

The Importance of South by
South Narratives

is something rather abnormal about the way we approach and perceive elitism,
prestige and inheritance. This is just part of the challenge that fine artists
and creative people face in these times of consumerist social relations, shaped
as they are by beliefs in private property as well as capitalist
‘free-markets’. In order to gain a better understanding the forces that are
reflective of South-South narratives, we must also acknowledge the recently
signed Africa Free Trade Area deal and what it means for the ‘free flow’ of
African creative output. We must not just celebrate it but also ask hard
questions such as, will it open up more Artists to access more sales and
appreciation or will it further contribute to the exploitation of the creative
communities? What are the policies that will ensure that communities and
professional Artists are not subjected to…

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