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Green Ankh Works

Khaya Maseko’s Mashu Omusha (A Speculative/Afrikan
Science Fiction Novella)

Mashu oMusha is
a science fiction novella, based in the township of Kwa-Mashu in Kwa-Zulu. It
is a special book since there is very little, if any Sci-Fi from the townships
of South Africa.

This story explores various scientific,
spiritual and political concepts.

Themes range from techno-mysticism, anthropomorphism,
land rights and gender orientation are evoked through a sprawling imaginative
tale. Mashu oMusha explores the
township in a dystopian dimension that resembles South Africa through the eyes
of an incarnate god named Mer and her terrestrial guide Sapien. Mashu oMusha is a self-published work of literature
nuanced with music and the axiomatic undertones of Afrocentric lore.

Writer Biography

Khaya Maseko hails from Kwa-Mashu, a township in
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. He was an executive member of Nowadays Poetry
Organisation for 15 years. Khaya has shared stages with the likes of Lesego
Rampolokeng, Kobus Moolman…

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