Khanya Ceza on hearing Ayanda Sikade’s Drumming and Compositions

Ayanda Sikade1

Painting and depicting a frame of mind , jocundity and joviality upon frenzies and flimsy harness of a people , who came for while and left us , who played their part and left us inspired to play a symbol that resonates actively in our soul . Raising a narrative , our senses of color , smell, senses of hearing and thoughts, hirding a call for us to remember the music beneath our feet and above our heads , the demand , pain ,
joy much joy and suffering endured by musician in their own space , the treatment of scholars of jazz and African musics, I pain to see his eyes closed in imagination the future musicians , her yening for perfection and good livelihood, but his seriousness on honing and honed craft , the love for the calling the dedication ,
I stood on the trunk of the tree and oversaw his heart beating to the horizon of his soul ,
who was there to recognize his observing and writing abilities , his statue in society his parents who grew him up , his teachers who schooled to music school, his unwavering love for practice ,
now value him he carries the message a clarion call entailed in the lyricism of each rhythm he displayed with confidence , listen and learn about oneself , the walking toward a spot light at the center of his the stage is the music of life .
The atmosphere the instruments he uses , the environment he came from depicts a direction to where all of will become , the last is the music the vulnerability the books he read and have not read yet the Centre of Sound the Symbols of life, the reconceptualisation of all that which must remain after leaving everything on stage.Pair me to the cause.

Written instantly
By Khanya Ceza for Ayanda Sikade (the drummer)

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