Celebrate Heritage Month by exploring the Xhosa jazz tradition

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Spring and Heritage Month have arrived, so prepare for a flood of events linked to whatever the organisers think they can market as heritage. Sometimes this is done thoughtfully and creatively; sometimes it’s merely an opportunistic, apartheid-style, reification of “tribe”. Rereading a 20-year-old interview I’d conducted with the late Bheki Mseleku,…

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what music is and is not

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Background: What differentiates the music of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill ’em All Gang, Danny Brown, The Brother Moves On, Jedi Mind Tricks, Babes Wodumo, Lira, Nduduzo Makhathini, Black Coffee, Poor Righteous Teachers, Beyonce or Bokani Dyer ? Besides the varying levels of musicality, attention to detail or lack…

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The Language of Dance

Originally posted on Green Ankh Works:
It has been a long time since I have witnessed a contemporary dance piece that moved me so much. Just a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to witness the collective multi-disciplinary installation of the Iqhiya Artists, a collective of women who met as students in Cape Town…

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For The Love of Hip Hop

Let’s be frank about it, the Hip Hop culture thrives on trouble. This is not hard to tell as this music represents one of the most formidable sound-tracks of Urban/Ghetto life. For some of us who have grown up between the Urban areas and the Townships, the stories spun by some of our favorite MC’s […]

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