Salim Washington’s Thoughts after viewing the film Black Panther

Black Panther, riffing on the flick. The social media commentary has been so interesting and in some cases brilliant, I had decided not to add my $0.02. After all there are many who are better equipped to do so for many reasons (I haven’t even read the comic books yet). But the challenge of my […]

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Nduduzo Makhathini’sThoughts after viewing the film Black Panther

So finally me and my daughter Nailah went to watch Black Panther this evening and she enjoyed it, we loved how it portrays women power. I must also say that the idea of a black superhero is an idea that I’m fascinated by. As a child, some of what created my personal ‘allergy’ towards the […]

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Eugene Skeefs work inspires me. Advertisements

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Reflections upon Reflections

One day soon I shall write something about the feeling I get when I listen to Nduduzo Makhathini’s Inner Dimensions and Matunda Ya Kwanzaa albums, but for now, lets just reflect…. Advertisements

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My People and Water

MY PEOPLE AND WATER Like all kids growing up in a semi-rural space, most of our games took place by the river. This is quite evident in most of our repertoires and river songs. Alongside us playing by the river, we were also told numerous stories about gigantic creatures that lived in the river, most […]

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For The Love of Hip Hop

Let’s be frank about it, the Hip Hop culture thrives on trouble. This is not hard to tell as this music represents one of the most formidable sound-tracks of Urban/Ghetto life. For some of us who have grown up between the Urban areas and the Townships, the stories spun by some of our favorite MC’s […]

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An Afrikan Zion

I am listening to Huba Mnazaretha, Mbuso Khoza’s rendition of hymns originally composed by by the founder of the Baptist Nazareth Church’s founder, the Prophet Isaiah Shembe aka Umqali Wendlela. The music is beautiful, the choral harmonic structure is not quite Western and not quite Eastern, it is Zulu-centric as it follows the slow and […]

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