Sandile Memela’s Reflections

THE REVOLUTIONARY ATTITUDE OF MUSICAL GENIUS – BHEKI MSELEKU Theorizing the life, meaning and purpose of master pianist, multi instrumentalist and highly gifted musical composer Bheki Mseleku is a difficult task. When he returned to the country, although he had neither music training or qualification, it is reported that he applied to various supremacist institutions […]

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Racism Must Fall Away

Ignorance Is Not Bliss Racism like all other kinds of prejudice and misguided judgement, must not be allowed to flourish. The world needs more bridges and shared experience, instead of walls and various other barriers to love and social harmony. Humanity must really reevaluate its priorities, if we are to survive intact and worthy of […]

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My People and Water

MY PEOPLE AND WATER Like all kids growing up in a semi-rural space, most of our games took place by the river. This is quite evident in most of our repertoires and river songs. Alongside us playing by the river, we were also told numerous stories about gigantic creatures that lived in the river, most […]

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