Education during these unusual times. Part 1: Children

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In many places now internationally, the majority of children are at home. Some children are having to attend online classes, others are having work sent to them. All in all, it can be an opportunity to be more adventurous with children’s education. Personally, it has been a time for learning with my granddaughter, in some aspects like growing vegetables, and foraging. There are also Spiritual aspects of my life that I am able now to share with her, such as learning more about our rituals and also beading which I am enjoying teaching,  but there are also amazing online opportunities and resources that I believe all children can access.

KIIRE WELLNESS: My top recommendation is the classes run by Oludare in the form of kiirewellness.   For the last five or six weeks, my granddaughter has been taking part in Oludare’s song and movement classes. Currently expanding the content, she…

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