The Calling:Revolutionary Practice

Green Ankh Works

This draft essay is part of my Notes for The House of Plenty*, a collection of interviews, articles, poems and other insights highlighting the confluences, interconnections and potential convergences of struggles and potentialities in the Southern African Developmental Community. While the primary focus is on the Creative and Cultural industries, as a matter of necessity we shall also deal with economics, politics and relationships.

The Essence of Revolution

Some of my best friends are revolutionaries. It is quite a daunting calling, some may say it is a necessity or even a res[responsibility. Revolutionary engagement is something that one enters into almost voluntarily and usually without expectation of any compensation, except of course for the realization of ones mission. When I was ‘rising’ as a young Rastafarian in the late nineties and early 2000’s, I would read a lot about Afrika’s various struggle or liberation heroes from the pre- and post-independence…

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